If it smells, clean the area immediately and remove bad smells from it. By leaving the urine smell behind, she just continues to do so. Ammonia also occurs naturally in the urine and the fragrance will encourage it to mark this place again. At this point, a female cat (known as the Queen) can attract male cats . At this point, which lasts from day to two days, cats do not show any typical signs of heat. A few years ago, I was pleased to raise two cute little childhood cats – we fed them with a bottle and helped them grow into big and healthy teenage cats. But at some point my little cat started to act funny.

With the advent of spring, the cat begins a temperature in its sexual prosperity. The longest days full of heat and sunlight ensure that the Queen’s body comes in season. This temperature usually lasts between one and ten days. If the pregnancy is not reached, it can get hot again after a few weeks and continue in this pattern until it becomes pregnant. If they mate and become pregnant today, they will be in heat again about eight weeks after the cat is born, or immediately after weaning. The non-spray cat becomes heat every three to four weeks, indicating a desire to mate.

The temperature continues until the cat is sprayed. Sometimes you feel your cat is always in heat and that’s why. This is why many veterinarians recommend early spraying. Some female cats urinate often or even spray urine how to calm a cat in heat on vertical objects when they are in heat. Urine contains both pheromones and hormones, both of which act as signs of its reproductive condition for other cats. This is why queens attract male cats with a thermal effect.

And remember that once the cat gets its first temperature, it will happen again and again until it is mated or sterilized. Cats are multi-strate animals, which means they can have multiple temperatures every year while they are still fertile. Their temperatures can start at the age of six months. It usually starts in early spring and continues until Halloween.

Most women need three to four times within 24 hours to ovulate. It only takes a minute or two to mate with cats and cats can mate several times in a short time. Queens can mate with different cats today, so cat nest may have different parents.

Calming a cat is not the only concern during the temperature. In the following article we will teach you another important aspect: how to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Keep following us, because our chain of cats in the heat will continue soon.