Here we discuss 15 websites that offer background checks, along with criminal information about the victim. Before going into detail on all platforms, we introduce you to the four best background check sites available on the market. In addition, one of the most popular background control applications is the task of employers to find details about a potential candidate’s previous work experience.

Discover arrest logs, contact details, address history, online profiles and more. If you have lost contact with someone, TruthFinder can help you get back in touch. TruthFinder scrolls through the Deep Web to discover information that normal search engines cannot find.

Credit checks are carried out for applicants who apply for positions that handle financial files or that handle a lot of money. For example, in the state of Illinois, employers could use an applicant’s credit history, only the credit score is considered satisfactory. Individuals must also give their consent to the employer to obtain a credit report. A pre-employment credit report will appear on a person’s credit report as a “soft consultation” and will not affect the individual’s credit score.

Instant Checkmate makes the effort to discover a person’s past by facilitating the execution of an online background check. Different types of criminal background searches are available for employers, some more accurate and up-to-date than others. These “third” background checkers cannot guarantee the accuracy of your information, which is why many of them have incomplete data or incorrect data. The only way to perform an accurate background check is to go directly through the state. Usually, using the state of choice is much cheaper than using a “third party” agency. Many websites provide a “snapshot” background check, which will search for a compilation of databases of public information for a fee.

There are different types of research searches that can be used by potential employers. Services like this will actually perform the checks, provide the company with letters of adverse action and ensure find people for free compliance throughout the process. It is important to be selective about which retirement evaluation agency is used. A legitimate company maintains a background control policy and explains the process.

An employer can check the applicant’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to see how the applicant behaves outside of work. U.S. employers are prohibited by law from taking into account everything they discover about a person’s marital status, sexual orientation, religion, or political views when making the final decision whether or not to employ the applicant. Some companies provide reports of media messages collected from open sources, including public social media accounts.

Instead of waiting for background checks for days or even weeks, the Checkr platform gives you the information you need to make smart recruitment decisions in less time. This allows your team to quickly process pre-employment background checks to fulfill roles and improve efficiency. Most background checkers use people to perform a background check, but at Checkr we built our technology to fully perform employee background checks, speeding up the process and reducing your risk. Credit verification is a soft pull, so it does not negatively affect a tenant’s credit score. Check the tenant’s identity, collections, credit score, public records, creditworthiness, rental history and work history. Background check analyzes state and national database records, civil and management records and criminal records.

These services provide you with contact details, addresses, work history and may even reveal previous criminal records. Remember that you cannot use any of the information you find here to make decisions about housing, work or finance, as the Fair Credit Reporting Act prohibits. In the past, background control companies offered slow and inefficient products that were confusing to use and could not be scaled. At Checkr, our background detection technology works behind the scenes to quickly provide you with clear, intuitive and processable results. Our API solution allows you to perform background checks for work along with other background reviews directly within the platforms you use every day, allowing you to do more in less time.