Another technology that helps companies improve their customer service is artificial intelligence . When used intentionally, AI can be a great way for companies to respond quickly to customers and visitors to social media. Most social media platforms are free for companies to use team members immediately and notify when someone asks a question, leaves comments or sends a private message. We live in a time when there are many ways to use technology for a small business. Needless to say, as long as business-oriented people are willing to learn, they don’t lack opportunities to achieve their goals. And guess what, digital transformation must be central to every small business’s growth strategy.

They can also be used on different devices and in all locations where an internet connection is available, increasing staff productivity and efficiency. Lilach Bullock is a leading conversion expert, speaker, specialist in content marketing, scalability and social media expert. The benefits of using Voice over Internet Protocol should be obvious, but if you are still tempted to use the conventional or analog system in your office, know that you can lose yourself enormously. By using the internet to make much cheaper calls, you can log in anywhere in the world, hold video conferences, discuss important offers and otherwise stay informed as if you were in the office. Mobility, functionality and flexibility are the three main advantages of installing VoIP, which has undoubtedly improved communication in business and increased productivity in all areas. In the past, only the big ones had access to advanced digital tools, but thanks to the cloud and other developments, most of these tools are available to almost any company.

Failure to have accurate accounting information affects management decisions in almost all areas, from the marketing budget to recruitment and payroll. When implementing individual systems for each business function, keep in mind that it is also important for business growth that all departments can exchange data quickly and reliably. Now, if you make business decisions based on reports generated from these systems, having inaccurate data will certainly lead to bad decisions.

By providing an excellent customer service experience, you are more likely to retain current customers and increase the chances of them telling your friends, colleagues and even acquaintances about you. This makes the experience of a frontline customer one of the chatbot case studies best ways to take advantage of technology to grow your business in that it offers value to both you and your customer. Customer service is seen through a magnifying social media lens, so it is imperative that you provide the best possible customer experience.

Growing your business without acquiring new customers is quite difficult, but the process of acquiring and nurturing potential customers to become long-term customers requires many moving parts. Frankly, it is necessary to invest in technological innovations that allow you to rationalize this process. Start researching digital marketing training or certification programs in your area.

As a small business owner, choose digital technology that offers fast solutions in a unique way. For a small business, effective communication is a critical key to success. No company can climb the ladder of success without using good communication techniques in business. Lack of adequate internal communication can lead to missed opportunities, failed appointments and disorganized meetings.

For example, your sales team can use mobile printers to quickly print critical documents, such as contracts, for your customers to sign. By putting your sales team in the field, they can continue to bring your company’s products and services to a wider market. Whether it is a small company or an international conglomerate, it is essential to be present online outside a functional website and a fixed LinkedIn profile. In addition, ads on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can aggressively target large numbers of leads and generate questions and sales in no time.

A personal brand helps you become aware of your differences and uniqueness. This allows you to position yourself in a way that sets you apart from the peloton, especially among other potential job seekers.